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of inspiration and the last week

Good e’en folks,

I do apologize for being absent for so long, and though I do not have any new chain maille to show off I wanted to catch up with you all.

So as I said in my previous post, I have recently started a second job which means that like most people I now work a full five days a week.  Also this weekend, some good friends came to visit me from Toronto, so there was little to no time for picking up the pliers.  I am certainly not complaining about this though!  It was a wonderful weeknd, and a welcome break.  I am however looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and trying out some new designs.

All this aside, I received two wonderful compliments last week that I really wanted to share with everyone. 

The first was a nomination by a good friend and fellow blogger, Julie at , who nominated me for an inspirational blogger award! 

The second is a customer at the shop I work in, coming to my chain maille flower demo, because I had inspired her to try the 12-2 format again, after seeing that she wasn’t limited to just making flowers.  Passing on knowledge and experience is a truly magical feeling!

I didn’t get a chance to share any of this earlier, but wanted to do so today. 

until next time!


Apologies in advance

Since starting a second job, having a drivers ed test this evening, and guests coming this weekend, I won’t be able to get anything new done and posted until next week.

Don’t worry, I will be back!

quiet, but not idle…

I know it has been a few days since I last posted, but this was not due to lack of anything being done.  What I have been busy with is preparing some new pieces for this coming week.  Now here is the exciting part!

This Wednesday and Friday I will be giving a chain maille flower demonstration at my work, McBead Creations in Ottawa Ontario!

You can check out the shop at and there will be demonstrations going on all week,

Here is a bit of what I have been working on!

Well, that’s it for today.  I am going to be busting my pliers to get that Chevron finished by this Wednesday. 

Oh, and I sold the pearl and crystal crochet necklace 🙂

Till next time!

twice in a day?

I figured a quick recap of an excellent and productive day of beading and chain maille.  My friend Meghan came over this morning for tea, scones and beading.  We settled ourselves down at my kitchen table and pulled out our various projects over a pot of Timothy’s vanilla tea.

By lunch time I had completed the Chunks ‘n Chain necklace, continued work on the Chevron until I ran out of 4mm Rhodium jump rings, and made a cute little pair of 12-2 earrings. 

We capped it off with lunch and subway and I took a nice long walk home on a beautiful sunny winter’s day!

and now for something completely different

boy I hope Monty Python doesn’t sue me for that one 😛

So while I take a quick break from the Chevron and the chunks n’ chains necklace, I thought I would do a little wire crochet.  I have some really pretty light pink fresh water pearls (fwp) and some gold 28 guage wire.  So I picked up some clear AB chinese crystals yesterday and started what I thought was going to be a bracelet. That is until i realized the peices I made were too long. 

The process for wire crochet is really fun, you string all your beads onto your wire, then you just crochet a simple chain stitch, in the desired length.  This means that I had 3 pieces of chain stitch that I planned to braid into a cuff.  What I have instead is the front section of a collar.  Still, I am quite please with it so far.  I think I will just do a strand of more of the pink pearls to finish it.  Today my friend Meghan is coming over for tea, beading and home made scones.   I think I will continue, chunks n’ chains.

Here’s what I have so far with the wire crochet, and for a treat a fancy little confection set of both crochet and chain maille that I made for the holidays!

The pearls and crystals that fan out from the braid are actually wired on seperately.

That’s all for now folks, but stay tuned for the completion of the chevron necklace and chunks n’ chain coming soon.

Please keep at least 1 chevron back

Ok…so its really a triangle…but it will look more like a chevron when completed, because I have decided it needs a little something more.  Because the chain maille moves almost like a fabric, it also bends and folds when you don’t want it to, so getting the shape to lie flat on the neck can sometimes require adjusting the orignal plan. 

In this case, I plan to build up both sides to bring a natural curve into the top part which should make it sit on the neck nicely.

I have taken a little break though to incorporate some more beadwork into my chain maille.  I was inspired by a friends use of crystals and Byzantine chain maille to make a really interesting necklace.  So what I have decided to do was use some really funky large pieces I have and work them into a necklace with a combination of Queen’s chain and Byzantine. 

Here’s the layout…

That’s it for today folks, although I also have some wire crochet started with pearls and a couple of secret projects that cannot be discussed until completed and delievered to their recipients.

another link in the chain

You would think, that after completing two rather complex chain maille necklaces that I would probably want to take a bit of a break…not so much.

I dove right into another 12-2 design, this time in siver plate and rhodium, and here I discovered something interesting about guage.  When I first attempted the Japanese 12-2 flower design, I wanted to do it in black nickel 6mm and gold 4mm jump rings.  What I didn’t realize is that the black nickel jump rings I had were made of a 20 guage wire, as were the gold 4mm rings.  So I was rather perplexed when only 11 of the requisite 12 gold rings would fit inside of the black ones!  After a few tantrums and a number of rings flying across the room I gave up.  When I asked my boss the next day, she filled me in on the guage.  Apparently the only rings that would work as the 6mm base for the flowers where the silver plate which were 21 guage wire. AHA! So ok, that limited me a bit colour wise, but with that knowledge I was able to create the 70’s macrome necklace that appears in the previous post.  Now, If I was willing to make my own jump rings (which I am not), I could do these in any colour I chose.  My new design has gone even easier, because both the silver plate 6mm and the imitation rhodium 4mm rings are 21 guage which has given me a much more fluid result. 

So here is what I have with that necklace so far, which when finished will be a chevron shape as a colour and I am leaning towards incorporating a little swarovski for sparkle. 

I am hoping to get  at least the majoroity of the chevron completed today!