another link in the chain

You would think, that after completing two rather complex chain maille necklaces that I would probably want to take a bit of a break…not so much.

I dove right into another 12-2 design, this time in siver plate and rhodium, and here I discovered something interesting about guage.  When I first attempted the Japanese 12-2 flower design, I wanted to do it in black nickel 6mm and gold 4mm jump rings.  What I didn’t realize is that the black nickel jump rings I had were made of a 20 guage wire, as were the gold 4mm rings.  So I was rather perplexed when only 11 of the requisite 12 gold rings would fit inside of the black ones!  After a few tantrums and a number of rings flying across the room I gave up.  When I asked my boss the next day, she filled me in on the guage.  Apparently the only rings that would work as the 6mm base for the flowers where the silver plate which were 21 guage wire. AHA! So ok, that limited me a bit colour wise, but with that knowledge I was able to create the 70’s macrome necklace that appears in the previous post.  Now, If I was willing to make my own jump rings (which I am not), I could do these in any colour I chose.  My new design has gone even easier, because both the silver plate 6mm and the imitation rhodium 4mm rings are 21 guage which has given me a much more fluid result. 

So here is what I have with that necklace so far, which when finished will be a chevron shape as a colour and I am leaning towards incorporating a little swarovski for sparkle. 

I am hoping to get  at least the majoroity of the chevron completed today!


One thought on “another link in the chain

  1. Why take a break when you’re on a hot streak? That’s the best time to plow ahead! That looks fantastic, btw! I do love the mental image of you having that tantrum 🙂

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