of inspiration and the last week

Good e’en folks,

I do apologize for being absent for so long, and though I do not have any new chain maille to show off I wanted to catch up with you all.

So as I said in my previous post, I have recently started a second job which means that like most people I now work a full five days a week.  Also this weekend, some good friends came to visit me from Toronto, so there was little to no time for picking up the pliers.  I am certainly not complaining about this though!  It was a wonderful weeknd, and a welcome break.  I am however looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and trying out some new designs.

All this aside, I received two wonderful compliments last week that I really wanted to share with everyone. 

The first was a nomination by a good friend and fellow blogger, Julie at http://julietkachyk.wordpress.com/ , who nominated me for an inspirational blogger award! 

The second is a customer at the shop I work in, coming to my chain maille flower demo, because I had inspired her to try the 12-2 format again, after seeing that she wasn’t limited to just making flowers.  Passing on knowledge and experience is a truly magical feeling!

I didn’t get a chance to share any of this earlier, but wanted to do so today. 

until next time!


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