Back again, and something to show for it!

Hello All! 

I know, long time no post, but I swear I have been working!  The 12-2 flower demos at the shop went really well and I think I turned a few people on to working with chain maille!  Outside of the demo’s though I haven’t done any chain maille this last week.  I know…there are actually no jump rings in my couch cushions!  What there are in my couch cushions is seed beads, and little chips of blue sandstone…I have made two totally different crochet necklaces and I must say, I do enjoy the process, because you can take the exact same thing, a single chain stitch and make two TOTALLY different necklaces!

1. The Fall leaves Necklace, done on Super-Lon Beading Cord, multi-filament thread with sead beads.

The second one, Starry Night, is made with blue sandstone chips, and glass pearls on 28 guage silver plated wire.  I totally different effect!

While the crocheted thread is soft and drapes nicely, the crocheted wire, is stiff and when braided forms an intricate collar!

Well, that’s it for tonight folks, I have another crochet necklace on the way and then I think I will do something fun with all my little 12-2 samples from last weeks demos.

and now…dinner…

Till next time!


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