The joy of childhood wonder…how ever short the attention span.

I realized this morning that it has been a lot more than a week since my last post.  Admittedly, I haven’t really been doing a lot of beading lately.  Until yesterday when I took my two nieces to the bead shop where I work and letting them pick out beads that they like so they could make some memory wire.  The looks on their faces when the saw all of the beads was priceless.  They were in total awe of the shapes, colours and textures all around them and couldn’t wait to dive right in.  It was interesting to see which beads they chose to make their bracelets. One chose round red beads combined with smaller blue ones for a pattern, the younger just chose random ones.   The eldest also wanted to make a set for her mum, which I helped out with…ok, I did most of it, since the attention span of a 6 year old, is not always particularly long.  Either way, watching the kids have fun exploring the shop was great!

I did also make myself a memory wire bracelet with green beads in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and I also managed to make another really cool bracelet of 9mm black nickel jump rings in the full Persian style, but the middle, I broke it up with a semi-precious donut. I think it might be aventurine, it is a beautiful soft milky aqua.

I don’t have any pictures at the moment, but I will post some as soon as I do.

Till next time!


2 thoughts on “The joy of childhood wonder…how ever short the attention span.

  1. I don’t know, once my kid gets really interested in something, he’ll be enthralled with it for HOURS. I’m glad you got to share your interests with them and get them involved!

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