laziest blogger ever!

I am sorry folks, I have been very remiss!  My only excuse is that working two jobs has left me with little time to create something to blog about, let alone time to blog about it!

I haven’t however been completely idle.  I did an overhaul of my collection and scrapped anything I didn’t like anymore for parts. and completely reorganized my supplies, which means I can now actually find things when I want them…shocking 😛

I did get some time to make a couple of new necklaces and start another chain maille project.  This was originally going to be a bracelet, but the more I think about it, the more I think it wants to be a necklace as well.  The inspiration came from the focal bead which is a large red cloisonne oval, and the chain maille is antique brass byzantine.

I have to wait to finish it though because I ran out of 6mm brass rings.

I did another couple of stranded necklaces as well.  One of which of course incorporates my favourite cloisonne beads.  The other however was inspired by some beads I came across at the shop.  I was working one afternoon and I was given these beads to string for sale.  Pale mottled blue that reminded me of old china dishes in a way. There was just something about them that caught my imagination and although I did promise myself that I would use up my current stash before buying anything else, I realized I had to have them.  I also got some filigree bead caps that just looked absolutely perfect with them.  I added some tiny fresh water pearls that I had liberated from a previous piece and VOILA!

I have to say I am really quite pleased with how it came out! Princess length and the effect I think is more than the sum of it’s parts, it feels very opulent even though the blue beads are just glass, something about the colour, and the bead caps gives it a very rich feeling.   Also with the green cloisonne and fresh water pearls, I found a really big pearl to put in the middle as a focal piece, I just need a good gold toggle for it.

One of the things I love about beading is that you can draw inspiration from one little thing and from that you can grow something wonderful.  A bead can catch your eye and you just know that you need to make something with it, even if you aren’t sure what that will be right away.

And speaking of that, I think I will go hang out in my workshop for a while.



One thought on “laziest blogger ever!

  1. Those look awesome! And I agree that it’s fun to take some little thing and see what you manage to build around it. I think that’s applicable in every creative endeavour though.

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