I had a feeling this would happen.

It is so encouraging to know that poeple are reading my blog that I feel truly guilty when I don’t post, and I have been horrible lately.  The truth of the matter is that there hasn’t really been anything for me to blog.  Since I posted my blue necklace, which by the way I have fallen in love with and now refuse to give up, I haven’t had the time or the energy to make anything new. 

Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted to or had the inspiration to do so.  Yesterday at the bead shop I encountered these really neat shiny copper toggles that we had on sale, and I know just want I am going to do with them.  Thank goodness it’s a long weekend because I am determined to have something to share with you on Sunday evening, preferably more than one thing!  I won’t give away my copper idea, but it will involve 12-2 flowers, that’s all I am saying.

In other very important Ottawa beading news, Bead Bop is coming to town May 4-11th!  http://www.beadbop.ca/.  This is where a number of Ottawa beading supply stores get together and hold demos, have sales and generally a good time had by all! 

The other exciting thing is that my incredible partner, who not only displays super human patience with the number of jump rings and beads he consistantly finds on the floor or in the couch, made me an amazing earring rack for my next craft show!  I just need to find one to exibit at, but that is a project for the spring. I may decide to hold another home open house as the first one was fairly successful!

Well, until later everyone, have a happy Easter, and may lots of chocolate find it’s way to you 🙂



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