all work and no chain maille…

isn’t actually possible for me, I find a way to fit in both 😛

Work has  been extremely busy this week, but I have still managed to finish a couple of fun pairs of 12-2 earrings 

as well as making HUGE strides with my chevron!  You remember my chevron don’t you?  No?  well, that isn’t surprising since I tucked it away and haven’t touched it since the fall.  However, I am happy to announce that it is now 3/4 of the way through!

When I do finally get this finished, I am going to make it into a bib type necklace.  I will probably do other versions at some point, but probably on a smaller scale.  It amazes me (and my writer friends will definitely be able to relate) how a project that in your head was something totally different and MUCH smaller, completely runs away with you and ends up being something that has more than a thousand jump rings in it and took almost 50 hours.

It’s a labour of love!

Lots more to come over the next few weeks as I prep for my open house and sale next Sunday, the 29th!

I guess I won’t be able to get any writing in for a bit, but I will try and work out the story-line when I get a spare moment…

Till then.




3 thoughts on “all work and no chain maille…

  1. Oh, dear lord, how I can relate. I keep having ideas for one book. Then it breeds (don’t ask how) and becomes a trilogy. WTH?

    I do like the look of the chevron so far, though. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when completed.

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