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annndddd…still no chain

A good friend of mine recently posted that there are not enough hours in the day to get the things done that you want to do.  I have to say I agree completely.  I haven’t even been able to finish the chain for the finally finished chevron, and I would really like to be wearing it.  It’s a good thing that I have a large enough collection of pieces to choose from each morning.

Like most crafty type folk, I can’t really hold myself to one particular craft.  Jewellery is definitely the favourite, but I do also really enjoy knitting, embroidery, baking, and I even dabble in a little sewing.  I guess I have crafting ADD.

I am working 6  days a week until the end of August and between keeping my ever growing vegetable garden in good order, keeping my house in good order and sleeping, there aren’t a lot of jewellery projects I am likely to get finished before we head to the cottage, and jewellery doesn’t generally travel well.  The last thing my fiance needs is a jump ring flying into his face while we are driving down the highway…bad scene.  Knitting travels very well however and so does embroidery so my needlework skills will be getting some exercise on the Island!

Still, I work at the shop tomorrow and that means a 5 hour test of my self control.  I never know when I am going to be ambushed by an idea, when a bead or string of beads will scream at me from across the store…”hey…hey you!   Aren’t we pretty?  You want to take us home don’t you because you know that we would look really great with those crystals over there!”

I guess we will see who captures my imagination the most.

More to come!


At long LONG last!

As anyone who has visited my little sparkly kingdom before will know, I have been plugging away at this one particular project since I first came up with the idea one drivers ed class back in February!  I have posted about the Chevron a few times over the past year and finally..oh..FINALLY, it is finished!

Yes, after many starts and stops and wishes that 4mm rhodium jump rings came in a closed state instead of partially open causing them to clump together making things far more fiddley than really necessary, I placed the last 6mm silver ring in only a few moments ago!

And here it is!

Here is a close-up so you can see all the agonizing detail!

Yes.  I placed every single 4mm and 6mm ring.  That is 432 6mm silver plate rings, and I cannot begin to guess how many 4mm ones.

“Now what”  you say?  Well,  I shall craft and attach a simple chain and then wear this around my neck with pride!!!

A little of this…a little of that and VOILA!

So it hasn’t been an overly productive week in terms of jewellery creation.  I did finish my cloisonné and robin’s egg crystal necklace which I did take a picture of and completely forgot to download…I will add that tonight!

So this morning as I was readying myself for work I decided to wear my favourite WM Fun earrings, My black and silver orbital bracelet combined with my black and blue pearl in a cage bracelet, all of which go nicely with my outfit today.


There was just one thing missing, which I realized as I was packing up my lunch…no necklace!  GAH!  Leave the house without a necklace?!, oh dear me no!   The problem was, I didn’t think I had time to run back upstairs and I really didn’t know which one would work.  That was until I looked into my Chain-Maille-To-Go box and realized that in there was a 3/4’s finished black nickel chain maille necklace with a large red stone donut.  Now I was trying something different with this necklace when I started it a while ago.  Ok, a LONG while ago.   I wanted it to be made up of different styles of chain maille, all in black nickel.  So it starts off with 6-1 European in 6mm rings, jumps to 6-1 European in 9mm rings, then abruptly changes to full Persian in 6mm rings again.  This point is where the stone donut sits.  I was still missing about 3 or 4 inches of the full persian to finish the necklace as of this morning.  Luckily enough, there in the box with it was a black nickel byzantine bracelet in 9mm rings.

A few seconds with the pliers and VOILA!


I apologize for the terrible picture…my cell phone camera isn’t great.  I am quite pleased with the results of this little experiment, it’s funky, a little lop-sided…very me.

Til next time…keep those pliers handy!

Inspiration and custom orders

It was so good to be a the shop on Saturday, to see friends, and immerse myself in sparkly things!  I have another custom order for a coworker that is my favourite kind, because they have given me a set of criteria, but nothing specific.  So I get to use my imagination and come up with something that fits.

I also fell in love with a combination of pale blue cloisonné beads and robin’s egg opaque Chinese crystals, I have been eyeing these particular crystals for weeks, but it wasn’t until I spotted the cloisonné that I could resist no longer.  I am picturing a princess length necklace of alternating cloisonné and crystals.

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue, but I have to admit that after a flurry of crafting and then nothing happening for a while, I find that I need to completely inventory and reorganize my supplies.  I couldn’t tell you if I have any 7mm silver plate jump rings, and for a chain maille addict, this is simply unacceptable!  So sometime this week, I am going to have to go down to my crafty cave and figure out what is what!  I also get an inordinate amount of enjoyment just from organizing things…that can’t be normal.

Perhaps it is my love of the act of creation, that has caused me to be also distracted by my vegetable garden.  it started as a big rectangle of dirt and now it is a bounty of potential tomatoes, zucchini’s, herbs and lettuces.  There would be peas too if the dang local bunnies would leave them be.  But I digress!  wait…where was I?   Creating, that was it!   I think I was attempting to draw a creative comparison between gardening, jewellery creation and my tentative steps into writing.  Betta and Annalea would still like me to tell their story, so with some help from Julie at Word Flows I am going to try to actually write a story!

But back to jewellery, I will be working on those two projects this week so my next post will have pictures of sparkly things.

I’m Baaaacccckkkkkk

I know I know, it’s been like forever!  In my defense, events in my personal life as of my last post have made crafting and blogging the last thing on my mind.  

Still, I haven’t exactly been idle.   For one thing my love affair with the Japanese 12-2 chain maille design continues and I actually completed my own bridal set (one of the major distractions) which included a necklace incorporating 12-2 and crystals in a necklace and earrings.  I also made a charm bracelet to wear on the day incorporating very important pendants from necklaces I have received from loved ones.  No pictures will be forthcoming however until after my October nuptials.  I made a matching set for my Maid of Honor incorporating half-coat hematite on jet crystals.   I am extremely pleased with the outcome as well.


I also discovered this week that wearing your creations out and about is key!  A woman I spoke with in the elevator at my office, LOVED this bracelet.


She asked me if I had any to sell and I said, “no, but I can make you one!”   Which is what I spent this evening doing.  The only difference is that I only used the antique copper.  I might have hurt my poor right had a little, bit (not too badly to type though) but I maintain it is worth it.  We suffer for our art!

Till next time folks, which hopefully won’t be another two months from now!