I’m Baaaacccckkkkkk

I know I know, it’s been like forever!  In my defense, events in my personal life as of my last post have made crafting and blogging the last thing on my mind.  

Still, I haven’t exactly been idle.   For one thing my love affair with the Japanese 12-2 chain maille design continues and I actually completed my own bridal set (one of the major distractions) which included a necklace incorporating 12-2 and crystals in a necklace and earrings.  I also made a charm bracelet to wear on the day incorporating very important pendants from necklaces I have received from loved ones.  No pictures will be forthcoming however until after my October nuptials.  I made a matching set for my Maid of Honor incorporating half-coat hematite on jet crystals.   I am extremely pleased with the outcome as well.


I also discovered this week that wearing your creations out and about is key!  A woman I spoke with in the elevator at my office, LOVED this bracelet.


She asked me if I had any to sell and I said, “no, but I can make you one!”   Which is what I spent this evening doing.  The only difference is that I only used the antique copper.  I might have hurt my poor right had a little, bit (not too badly to type though) but I maintain it is worth it.  We suffer for our art!

Till next time folks, which hopefully won’t be another two months from now!



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