Inspiration and custom orders

It was so good to be a the shop on Saturday, to see friends, and immerse myself in sparkly things!  I have another custom order for a coworker that is my favourite kind, because they have given me a set of criteria, but nothing specific.  So I get to use my imagination and come up with something that fits.

I also fell in love with a combination of pale blue cloisonné beads and robin’s egg opaque Chinese crystals, I have been eyeing these particular crystals for weeks, but it wasn’t until I spotted the cloisonné that I could resist no longer.  I am picturing a princess length necklace of alternating cloisonné and crystals.

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue, but I have to admit that after a flurry of crafting and then nothing happening for a while, I find that I need to completely inventory and reorganize my supplies.  I couldn’t tell you if I have any 7mm silver plate jump rings, and for a chain maille addict, this is simply unacceptable!  So sometime this week, I am going to have to go down to my crafty cave and figure out what is what!  I also get an inordinate amount of enjoyment just from organizing things…that can’t be normal.

Perhaps it is my love of the act of creation, that has caused me to be also distracted by my vegetable garden.  it started as a big rectangle of dirt and now it is a bounty of potential tomatoes, zucchini’s, herbs and lettuces.  There would be peas too if the dang local bunnies would leave them be.  But I digress!  wait…where was I?   Creating, that was it!   I think I was attempting to draw a creative comparison between gardening, jewellery creation and my tentative steps into writing.  Betta and Annalea would still like me to tell their story, so with some help from Julie at Word Flows I am going to try to actually write a story!

But back to jewellery, I will be working on those two projects this week so my next post will have pictures of sparkly things.


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