A little of this…a little of that and VOILA!

So it hasn’t been an overly productive week in terms of jewellery creation.  I did finish my cloisonné and robin’s egg crystal necklace which I did take a picture of and completely forgot to download…I will add that tonight!

So this morning as I was readying myself for work I decided to wear my favourite WM Fun earrings, My black and silver orbital bracelet combined with my black and blue pearl in a cage bracelet, all of which go nicely with my outfit today.


There was just one thing missing, which I realized as I was packing up my lunch…no necklace!  GAH!  Leave the house without a necklace?!, oh dear me no!   The problem was, I didn’t think I had time to run back upstairs and I really didn’t know which one would work.  That was until I looked into my Chain-Maille-To-Go box and realized that in there was a 3/4’s finished black nickel chain maille necklace with a large red stone donut.  Now I was trying something different with this necklace when I started it a while ago.  Ok, a LONG while ago.   I wanted it to be made up of different styles of chain maille, all in black nickel.  So it starts off with 6-1 European in 6mm rings, jumps to 6-1 European in 9mm rings, then abruptly changes to full Persian in 6mm rings again.  This point is where the stone donut sits.  I was still missing about 3 or 4 inches of the full persian to finish the necklace as of this morning.  Luckily enough, there in the box with it was a black nickel byzantine bracelet in 9mm rings.

A few seconds with the pliers and VOILA!


I apologize for the terrible picture…my cell phone camera isn’t great.  I am quite pleased with the results of this little experiment, it’s funky, a little lop-sided…very me.

Til next time…keep those pliers handy!


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