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Changed my mind

these match my outfit better!



Earrings may be habit forming

The other day, I received the most horrible shock. I realized that I was not wearing earrings!  GASP!   I know, a lot of people go many days, weeks, months, years, heck lifetimes, without inserting metal into their earlobes.  But not me.

I got my first ear piercing at the tender age of 7.  It was a very special occasion, I was going to be a flower girl at a wedding and was given these pretty gold butterfly earrings to wear, so I was pretty excited by the prospect. I remember it as if it was yesterday, even though a quarter of a century has now passed.  My mother took me to the local mall where there was a Merle Norman make up shop that did piercings.  The nice lady sat me down and drew a little ink dot on my innocent lobe, squeezed it a bit (apparently to make the piercing hurt less) and then the bitch shot me in the ear!  At least that is what it felt like at the time, I confess I did not react well and if I had known any swear words at the time, I would have used them!  I just cried and insisted I didn’t want the other ear done.  My poor embarrassed mother had to work very hard to convince me to  sit back down and get the other one done.  I did however and from then on, (once I plucked up the courage to actually touch my battered ear lobes again,), my love affair with ear jewellery flourished!

I left my childhood years behind during the tumultuous end of the 1980’s and early 1990’s, a time when hyper-colour t-shirts proudly displayed everywhere you would sweat and fluorescent anything was big.  There was another shop in this same mall that sold the most wonderful earrings.  My friends and I would take our allowance and go and buy earrings each week. The bigger the better!  I had a thing for fish and I can still remember buying a pair of earrings that had a bunch of little clear plastic fish hanging from them.  Actually I think I still have one of them all these years later.

The next big piercing came at 13 when I got a second hole added to my left ear, after that at 15 I got two more. Earrings have always been a fabulous form of self-expression for me, whether I was wearing some simple studs for fancy occasions or something ridiculous like pink plastic turtles.

At the sober age I am now, I now longer use anything but the original 2 holes and have let the other 3 close in.  But that hasn’t lessened my love for ear adornment.  So you can imagine from this tale that to find myself at work with my necklace and bracelets in their appropriate places but to realize that my ears were naked!

Well, as I prepare for my final shift at the bead shop until November and the Christmas rush, I have been thinking about what I will wear today and I think it needs to be something completely ridiculous, and I know just the pair!

Here it is folks!

I am finally wearing my Chevron!   I made a silver plated chain for it and decided that it needed a little something to tie in the brighter silver, so it has a 6mm silver plate “ruffle” on the bottom.  I do apologize for the less than stellar picture, but I will get a clearer one up here soon!


here’s a better picture!