Trying something new.

Hello again!

I won’t apologize for this absence, as I spent it lounging around the cottage.

I also managed to produce a few things as well!   For this trip I decided to finally give Kumihimo a try.  Working with ribbon is a lot more travel friendly than large quantities of jump rings.

So here is what we ended up with.

A lanyard in my companies colours to keep my security pass on.


A necklace to hang this stunning glass pendant on that I have had for ages!

Not that I neglected my chain maille passion!  Before we left, I got together for tea and beading with my friend Meghan and took some fabulous dyed shell discs and combined them with some byzantine in black nickel 7mm.  I really like the effect!


and I finally found a way to use a little something I put together ages ago.  I made this piece with two frog beads that I just loved but were designed for pandora style bracelets so I put them together with some other beads to make what could have been a brooch or bracelet, a necklace or anything really.  I had some full Persian in silver plate and thought, “aha”, so now I have a hungry froggy bracelet.


I am looking forward to wearing this one to work tomorrow.

Till next time!


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