Beady Eyed

Yup, that was me this afternoon.  I got home from work and *POW*, I got hit with the urge, the urge to bead! The urge to make fun and funky earrings, (again with the earrings).  So, I popped down to the magic factory as soon as I got through the door and into my comfies.

I had some new goodies from my Bead Bop ( bag, and was keen to get going.

I actually kept working past 7pm (and that means I missed an episode of Big Bang Theory),  but it was worth it in the end.  Here is what I came up with.

danglesIt’s hard to tell from the picture, but the earrings are studs, with Swarovski flat backs.  The large crystals at the bottom are 8mm Swarovski rounds in Light Azure, a really pretty clear blue.  The trick with these was getting the side closing bead tips for the chain to secure, I added some glue.

flowersflowers 2These were fun, white acrylic flowers with green seed beads and fire polished glass for the stems.  I went for a tiered effect, unlike the blue ones  showed you before which were clustered.

pretty in pinkphoto (2)A bracelet idea ended up as an entire set.  3 strands of pink fresh water pearls, and the peach silver-lined seed beads that came in my Bead Bop bag.  I made the bracelet and figured that while I was at it I should make earrings since I had more pearls…then I found my previous stash of pink pearls and decided, well,  I might as well make a necklace too.  Voila!

So, that was just this afternoon.  I also made a really neat necklace with 9mm silver jump rings and size 2 seed beads in a transparent teal ab with some large pale aqua lamp work style beads and a shell pendant with matching  earrings.  I forgot to take a  picture of it though, so I will have to remember to post one next time.

I have also been knitting, but that my friends, is a story for another time.

Oh, before I go.  For anyone who doubted I had a bit of an earring addiction…here is a picture of part of my collection.  Just the ones I have made, it doesn’t include the ones I have either bought or been given.




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