Reuse, Recycle

You have a 2 inch head pin and a 1/4 inch pearl…you have a good inch of wire left over after making your loop.  Throw it out?  Of course not, now you have just the right amount of wire for a small eye pin.

image (4)

I am fortunate enough to have an Aunt that does theatre costuming.  The company was getting rid of a bunch of old jewellery that people had donated over the years, and guess who got it?   I have been happily deconstructing things from this treasure trove and every now and then, they come in very handy.  These earrings are made with glittery acrylic beads I got at McBead and I just happened to have these great glass crystal AB beads from something I had dismantled.  Let’s face it, there is NO such thing as too much sparkle!

image (2)

So in my previous post I confessed to a bit of a shopping spree at the local Michael’s.  Well, you can tell me if you think it was worth it 😉

image (3)I couldn’t resist these, they called to my Dutch heritage (2 generations ago), and I think they make a super cute bracelet, especially with the large white glass pearls framed in a filigree bead cap.

image (5)The main brass pieces of these came from McBead, they caught my eye the last time I was in the shop.   I didn’t know what to put with them though, and didn’t fancy anything in my stash with them,  I came across these glass bicones in a yellow, topaz and smokey quartz mix.  I only used the yellow and smokey quartz, I am thinking the topaz ones will look better with copper.


Until next time folks, I am going to attempt to crochet…wish me luck, and my husband, he has to sit beside me and listen to me swear.





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