just for me

So, I had an order to fill for a bracelet the other night, just a simple strand of white glass pearls.   When I finished it, I still felt like working so I picked up a chain maille bracelet I had started the earlier in the week.

The first kind of chain maille I ever learned was the Celtic Wedding knot and one of the first pieces I did was a triple strand of if in black nickel and silver.

Picture 451

After more than a year of wear and tear, a few rings have fallen out and it has tarnished quite a bit.  So I wanted to make a bigger better version.  Please note, I still love and wear this piece.

I found a black nickel slider clasp with 7 holes on it and I figured I would make a 4 or 5 strand of the same.  Sadly, the sizing didn’t quite add up right and I really would need an 8 or 9 hole clasp.  But I had already finished 1.5 lengths of silver on black wedding-knot.  So I finished the second strand and hummed and hawed over what else to put with it.  Chain?  No.  Strung beads? Nah.  Copper full Persian? Nope.  Hmm…9mm black nickel in Byzantine?….YES!


Like so many of these things, trial and error is a major factor.  I knew if I didn’t attach the three strands together they would crumple up, but how to do it when the large central strand is something like byzantine?   Well, what I ended up doing is adding 3 6mm silver plate accent rings on each side of the connecting Byzantine rings that lay flat (every other set) to the black nickel ring that encompasses the silver rings in the wedding-knot.  hmmm…I think this is going to need a chart…

chain detail

Admittedly not a very good chart, but hopefully you get the idea.  The red rings represent the 6mm silver rings in the bracelet.

I am itching to get home and down to my craft room tonight because I have at least two more chain maille pieces I really want to make!


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