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The Great Craft Room Renovation – Part III

Hello again!   Well as anyone who follows my twitter feed will no doubt already be aware, we have made great strides in the renovation over the last week and especially this past weekend.

We left off last time having finished the first coat of primer.  Well, I won’t kid you, this took 3, THREE, coats of primer to cover all of the blue!   Here it was after two coats.

Craft Room 5  You would be amazed at just how much of the blue was still visible at this point.

Friday evening I completed the 3rd and final coat of primer as well as the first coat of primer on the baseboard.  Saturday I did the first coat of paint on the walls.  I decided to go with Decorators White, for two reasons.  1) it’s a nice clean, but warm white. 2) we already had a gallon and a bit left over from the hallway and I only needed to buy 1 more gallon.

Sunday morning, with the help of my DH I completed the 2nd and final coat of paint on the walls and the baseboard.  Now it was time for the floor!

I knew going in that this would be the most taxing part of the renovation, especially for my DH.  I was not wrong!

Craft Room 6

The first step was vacuuming the floor and scraping off any blobs of paint or drywall compound.  Next, we had to put down the underlayment.  This came in large sheets folded accordion style, which were rather cumbersome, albeit delicate.  So we decided to do half the floor at a time, since you mustn’t walk on the underlayment until you get the floor boards down.  Laminate flooring is supposed to be quick and easy, what a crock!  It’s a pain in the butt folks, you snap one section together and the other side comes out again, you fix the other side and the side you just snapped in comes apart.  My poor DH!

It took from 12:30 – 3 to get to the half-way point, despite my DH’s overall handiness!

Craft Room 7

So here we broke for a late lunch.

It took another couple of hours to finish the job which required some creative sawing on my DH’s part.  But we did it!

Craft Room 8

And as much as laminate flooring is a pain, it looks great!  I love the rough cottage look to the this flooring.

So the only construction tasks left to do are putting the baseboard back, adding some quarter round, touching up the paint and adding a clothes rail in the closet.  Then comes the trip to IKEA!


The Great Craft Room Renovation- Part II

We left off on March 3rd, having finished the first phase of patching the many holes and cracks in the walls of the craft room.

Thursday my DH and I sanded and touched up the drywall patches.  For this of course you really need to wear eye protection and a dust mask, which we did.  I wore a pair of my DH’s safety goggles, and unfortunately, because I was working so hard, the dang things kept fogging up!  It’s really hard to sand properly when you can’t see what you are doing!  It did get finished though.  We also took off the baseboard and found some mould behind the one under the north window.  From the crack in the drywall there, we could tell that a while ago they had some water damage there.  It was old though and thankfully there wasn’t very much mould and it cleaned up quickly.  We will have to get new baseboard for that one side.

Now the fun part, buying stuff!  I did create a budget and so far, because of some convenient sales, I have been pretty close to it.

Canadian Tire had these great plastic storage towers by Gracious Living on sale last week, so Friday night we went and picked up 4 of them.  Two with 5 deep drawers and 2 with 8 drawers (four deep, four shallow).  It’s amazing what you can get into the hatchback of a VW Rabbit!  So far these are still in the family room, but my yarn stash has now been organized by weight (light, worsted, bulky etc.) and that took TWO storage towers!

Saturday nothing got done, because we went to see the Lego Movie and then to my in-laws for dinner.  That was a GREAT movie!

Yesterday, after a visit to Wheelers Pancake House and Maple Museum, DH and I went to visit the good people at RONA, who were having a sale on laminate flooring.  So now I have my new floor for my craft room!  It’s a nice Oak look laminate.

After we people handled the 7 boxes of laminate flooring into the basement we set to work on the final sanding.  That didn’t take too long, and after that we vacuumed and dusted the walls and floor.  After that we set to work on the first coat of primer.  From the amount of blue still showing through, I can tell this is going to take at least 2 coats of primer and 2 of paint.

Craft Room 4

So that’s it for Phase 2.  Second coat of primer is phase 3, taking place tomorrow evening.

The Great Craft Room Renovation – Part I

So as you can see lately, I haven’t been making a lot of jewelry.  Mostly I have been doing a lot of crocheting and knitting, probably because it is just too cold out to want to do much else than cuddle up with lots of yarn!

Then one day about 2 weeks ago, I was thinking about my yarn stash and how utterly unorganized it is, all crammed into a large plastic bin.  So I was poking around Pinterest to see what inspiration I could find for yarn storage,  and as I did so, I started to think about the craft room as a whole.  I love my craft room, but it isn’t exactly decorated in the nicest manner.  The walls are a very strong, almost Smurf blue, and the vinyl flooring is dirty and peeling in places.  The closet is full of clunky particle board shelving.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought that maybe it was time to overhaul the entire room.  Time to patch the holes, paint the walls and redo the closet.  So began my research, I have been scouring Pinterest, Ikea, Canadian Tire for ideas and products, and last week I started cleaning out the craft room.

Craft Room 0

Oh my gosh, I don’t know how I managed to accumulate so much stuff!

It took about 3 nights to get to this stage.

Craft Room 1

And most of Saturday  to get to this stage!

Craft Room 2

Getting the closet apart was a challenge, especially when a heavy shelf fell on my head, then hit me in the arm and squished my thumb.  My head and thumb have recovered, but the arm is still bruised!  The thing that hurt a lot more than the shelf incident was opening up the bins of my childhood stuffed animals to find that they were all covered in mold.  When we first moved in I washed them and I thought they were dry, but I guess not, and now two years later everything was just covered in mold.  I know that they are just stuffed toys, inanimate objects, but it felt like a loss.  I managed to salvage a few of them, and my hubby came to the rescue again, he bagged up everything else so I wouldn’t have to do it.  Thankfully, one of the ones I was able to save was Miss Mousie.  She has been with me since I was a year old, I even forgot her on a bus in Florida, and the driver actually drove back to the airport with her for me!  I would have grieved to lose her completely.  Silly as it sounds I am still sad to lose so many of the others.

Sunday my hubby helped me remove the rest of the closet shelves and patch the cracks and holes in the walls.

Craft Room 3

The next stage is to fix up a few more patches, then the walls will be sanded, cleaned and painted.  I am going to stick with a nice clean white, simple and bright.  After that, the floors!

Till next time!