The sewing adventure continues!

The dress is finished! It is not the neatest sewing job ever, and I will need to continue to practice. I did have trouble getting the bias tape in nicely, but managed it in the end. I also opted for a machined hem instead of hand stitched. Still, I am pretty pleased with the results.


I am planning on wearing it tomorrow for Mother’s day brunch, which we are hosting. So I have been itching to get back to the Kanata Fabricland before it closes, and Mother’s Day was the perfect excuse, because of course I needed to make a new tablecloth for the occasion. Obviously.
So I got a lovely neutral floral.


I also got, a heavy knit in both white and hot pink (3 metres each), a royal blue knit with embroidered white flowers (1.6 metres, all that was left) and a sateen knit in kelly green. Everything is washed, dried and ready to cut out. Table cloths are easy, fold, press, sew. So I figured I would also assemble the top in the blue wave patterned knit. Oh my gods, that fabric was a pain in the ass to work with! It was impossible to press the edges down so my hems and seams are all over the place. I also cut out a 28, and I really needed a 26, so I had to take it in and that was awkward. Still, as long as you don’t look too closely, it looks pretty cute.


I also cut out a simple v-neck sleeveless top in the white before I figured I should ascend from my crafty cave.


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