Sewing class, under-stitching and surgery.

I just got in from my second to last sewing class and it was a busy one!

I was ready to put the finishing touches on my black and white dress for Simplicity 3506.  All that I needed to do was add the facings in the neck, finish the arm-holes and the hem.

Of course, things never go as smoothly as one would wish.  First off, I had somehow left the bobbin cover to the machine at home, which meant that I had to tape a piece of cardboard over the hole.  Not an auspicious start.  The machine ran along smoothly though.  I ironed the interfacing onto the facing pieces and that went OK.  I pinned the facing in and that went OK too, so I sewed it in and pressed the facing down and then did what I thought the teacher meant by under-stitching.  I thought it meant that I put in a row of stitching close to the edge through all three layers, fabric, facing and seam allowance…nope.  What I was supposed to do was put a row of stitching at the edge of just the seam allowance and the facing.  crap.   So I added a second row of top -stitching so that it looks decorative.  I wasn’t about to unpick all that!  So then I  zipped up the zipper…double crap.

Somehow, one side of the zipper was half an inch higher than the other.  I guess I had pinned it in wrong and so the top of the zipper hadn’t folded properly.   So I had to unpick that side back a few inches, re-fold it so it matched the other side and re-sew it.  Thankfully, that turned out pretty well.

Now for the surgery part of the class.  As I was happily overcasting my seams, on the sides, my brand new machine started to slow down and then grind to a halt.  I tried to re-thread, checked under my make-shift bobbin cover.  Tried turning it off and on again.  Now even the manual wheel was stiff.  Something was VERY wrong.  So I decided to open it up, and once I figured out how to do that, I found that a large amount of pink thread had wound itself around a wheel in the arm of the machine that feeds the thread.  This was the result of the thread breaking so many times while I worked on the pink tank top.  So I carefully picked and pulled the wad of thread out and reassembled.  THANKFULLY, the patient made a full recovery and I finished the dress!



Even having cut a 22 in the top, it is still a bit big.  I think I will cut a 20 on my next project.


2 thoughts on “Sewing class, under-stitching and surgery.

  1. It’s a great dress, and the belt makes it extra nice! Congratulations!!! As to surgery, I learnt a lot about my machine’s anatomy and physiology by performing such surgeries when I first started sewing. Great learning experience!

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