Not entirely idle

I am not even going to apologize for my extended blog absence.  It is my blog after all.  But I have been working on a very VERY important project that has been keeping me exceedingly busy and not doing much sewing, crafting or jewelry making since February.  Once the project is complete in early November, I will be even busier.   Yes, for those of you who worked it out, there is a baby on the way!

The first three months sucked (as they do apparently), but once the nausea wore off, I have been crocheting wash cloths, working on one of those baby announcement cross-stitch kits and I have made a top and a couple of pairs of draw-string shorts.  I had all these glorious visions of making my own maternity outfits and sewing for the baby, but that was before I realized just how much work it is to assemble one of these mini-humans!   I don’t think I have ever been so tired in my life!  So I have admittedly bought the majority of my maternity wear except for what my amazing mum has been whipping up in her sewing room for baby and I, including a dress for an up coming wedding, tops, pants and lots of crib sheets, receiving blankets and fuzzy sleepers.

The one big sewing project I have embarked on is a set of curtains for the baby’s room.  I got some cute fabric with birds on it, the black out lining and was ready to go.  I got them cut out (which took an extraordinary amount of effort), got the first hem on the first panel done and then attempted to attach the lining.  Let us just say that it is a good thing that, though baby can hear me, they can’t discern actual words, or they would be born dropping the f-bomb.  I hated everything about the panel, it was impossible to iron, the hems were bulky despite my best efforts and I am fairly sure totally crooked.  So after letting it hang up on the rod in the nursery and infuriate me for a while, I took it down, ripped out the lining and will just make the plain curtain panels and install a separate roller blind. You gotta pick your battles!

So, once those are up, I shall try to remember to update you all with some photo’s, but since embarking on the journey to motherhood, my brain seems to resemble a sieve!  I left a pair of socks in the pantry…yeah.


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