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My favourite!

I have to say, that the Japanese 12-2 weave is my favourite chain maille weave of all time.  There is so much fascinating variation with it that the possibilities really are endless.  So in preparation of this weekends craft show, I decided to re-think my earring offerings.  I will still have my sterling silver birthstone crystal earrings, and my fancy chandeliers, but instead of simple beaded earrings, I will be offering more chain maille.  Last night I made a number of variations of the 12-2 in various colours.  I also tried out the European 4-1 fan, which I really REALLY like!

nov 12 2 nov 12 1 All in all I made 9 pairs of earrings.

I worked almost entirely with base metals in your standard, gold and silver plate, black nickel and antique copper.  However, I also have 4mm rings in anodized aluminum that I am looking forward to trying out.  I also have my thicker anodized aluminum rings that I am going to try out the 4-1 fan with.

aluminum 4

Only 3 more evenings to prepare everything for the show!  Tonight my husband is going to help me set up the cubes and attach the hooks for the bracelets.  I also have to print up my sign and price and card all the new items.  I always say, there is no inspiration like last-minute panic!  (originally quoted from Calvin and Hobbes).



Crochet that is, and cross stitch apparently.  As I mentioned before, on my shopping spree at Michaels, I had picked up a book on how to crochet as well as a beginners cross stitch kit.

The results…


This is my Bernat Temperature Scarf knit/crochet along.  The pattern is created by assigning a colour to a range of temperatures (here in Ottawa that goes from bloody freezing, to hot, back to bloody freezing), then each day you take the average daily temperature and knit or crochet 1-2 rows of the appropriate colour.   So I had originally done 2 rows, but quickly realized my scarf would be about 12 feet long, so I started over with just one row per day.  What you are looking at above is January.  The grey stripe is the border, this appears between each month.  This is the colour scheme I am using,


We are in June now and so far the scarf will be mostly blue.

I was quite pleased to discover that I can actually crochet, I have also made a couple of cotton wash cloths as well and have plans for a baby blanket, (because they are smaller and therefore easier).

So I also finished my first cross stitch and I have to say I really enjoyed it, it came out well and was an enjoyable past time, so I have definite plans to do more!


Cute eh?

So that is what I have been up to lately.  My friend Meagan popped by today for cookies, gossip and beading.  I did chain maille for the first time in ages!

Here it is folks!

I am finally wearing my Chevron!   I made a silver plated chain for it and decided that it needed a little something to tie in the brighter silver, so it has a 6mm silver plate “ruffle” on the bottom.  I do apologize for the less than stellar picture, but I will get a clearer one up here soon!


here’s a better picture!

At long LONG last!

As anyone who has visited my little sparkly kingdom before will know, I have been plugging away at this one particular project since I first came up with the idea one drivers ed class back in February!  I have posted about the Chevron a few times over the past year and finally..oh..FINALLY, it is finished!

Yes, after many starts and stops and wishes that 4mm rhodium jump rings came in a closed state instead of partially open causing them to clump together making things far more fiddley than really necessary, I placed the last 6mm silver ring in only a few moments ago!

And here it is!

Here is a close-up so you can see all the agonizing detail!

Yes.  I placed every single 4mm and 6mm ring.  That is 432 6mm silver plate rings, and I cannot begin to guess how many 4mm ones.

“Now what”  you say?  Well,  I shall craft and attach a simple chain and then wear this around my neck with pride!!!