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As the year comes to a close

2013 has been a pretty good year for Wearable Miscellany. I have gone to two professional craft shows, made a couple of Etsy sales, learned some new techniques, found a couple of great new suppliers and started tweeting.

So now as the year closes, I think about what I have learned during all these experiences in 2013, what I have learned as a part-time crafter is this,

  1. Rejection happens, not everyone is going to like everything you do.  And that is ok!   Create what you like, for yourself, that way your craft never loses its joy.
  2. Inspiration comes and goes.  Sometimes you just don’t feel like making anything, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Sometimes I go down to my craft room and do nothing more than move beads around, rearrange my desk and think about what I want to make while I listen to an audio-book, and sometimes I make absolutely nothing.

Ok, now the above is just what I learned about MY personal crafting lifestyle and philosophy, so feel free to agree, disagree, or think I am bonkers, the choice is yours.  I don’t know how I would feel if creating jewelry was my full-time job, if I would worry more about creating things I think will sell, or getting more stressed when I get hit with a bad bout of crafters block.  If I am lucky, one day I will find out.

So, here comes 2014, and what resolutions have I made for myself?

  1. Get more of my pieces on Etsy
  2. continue to keep up with this blog
  3. do at least 2-3 craft shows
  4. conquer at least 2 new chain maille weaves (specifically the Romanov)

That should probably be enough to start with.

Until next time folks, check out the excellent supply organizer Santa brought me 🙂

new storage! Thank you SANTA!


Oh, and I made these,

hematite chain earrings 1.1 I can never seem to get enough of super dangly earrings, and I love the hematite rings. I am thinking the next pair need something Swarovski in the middle.


These are aqua glass pearls with black bead-caps, I kinda think they need a little bit more…just not sure what.


Belly Dance Inspired

A few years ago when I was still living in Toronto, I took up belly dancing and immediately fell in love with it.  Not only the movement, and the music, but the costuming as well.  Vibrant colours and lots of sparkles.  I am still determined to one day create my own Cabaret style costume.  One of the things I miss the most about Toronto is my belly dance classes.  I was fortunate this spring to find another great teacher here in Ottawa, and started dancing again.  A couple of weeks ago we were chatting about costuming etc and I decided to make a few pairs of earrings that were inspired by belly dance.  So after a visit to my favourite bead shop, here is what I came up with.

sunshinerain dropsantique roses

I purchased the chandelier peices and then chose the chatons to glue into them, then I chose crystals I felt worked with them.  I love the ombre look, and so with the yellow pair, I chose Jonquil chaton for the brass chandelier piece and then a combination of Jonquil, Citrine and Sun, in 6mm bicones for the dangles.  With the blue, I chose sapphire chatons and then light sapphire, light sapphire AB, sapphire, and sapphire AB bicones.  The frosted glass bead in the centre, I chose, because the bicones didn’t fit in the opening , I needed something flatter.  I really like the effect, I am wearing them today actually.  The rose ones were a bit more of a challenge design-wise because they have three connecting loops at the top, so I could not do them in the same style.  I had some 4mm nickel colour jump rings, and I really like how they came out.

I have another pair to finish yet, and I am thinking pearls instead of crystals…hmmm….

I have also started another, much more ambitious cross-stitch kit, it is made by Dimensions Cross Stitch and I bought it online and a really neat site called Everything Cross Stitch, which is in the US.  So far, I have done a tiny section of tree under the gold finch and it’s foot.  I am trying to save it up for our trip to the cottage at the end of August.

birch tree birds

My next jewellry projects are a pair of earrings for a coworker, a bracelet for another coworker and I may begin to explore the colourful world of fascinators….


Well, so much for having something to share with you all by Sunday, here it is Tuesday and I have nothing to show for it, except probably a cavity from all the easter eggs. I regret nothing. One thing I have done over the last few weeks is read, the entire Hunger Games Trilogy (wow that was good), and my two favourite blogs, http://jelizabethhill.wordpress.com/ and http://fictionalimpulse.wordpress.com/.  These two women are fantastic fantasy writers, and I have been blessed with being friends with them and getting to read their work, they get to either wear or attach their keys to mine 😉

In my defense, I spent Friday hiking and feeding Chickadees and a Nut Hatch by hand!

So during a slow moment the other day I thought I might give writing a try.  I have always dabbled in it, and have produced a few little pieces of things here and there, but I lack any sort of discipline to finish anything. Still I started a little bit of something about a Bear named Betta and a little girl named Analea and a Rescue Mission.

Oh what the heck, here is a snippet of the story..

Betta stared out across the moonlit valley, deceptively calm and innocent looking.  It was just an illusion though, that Betta was sure of as her amber eyes scanned the blue tinted emptiness.  She would have much preferred to stick to the woods, terrain she knew and could work with.  The valley floor was barren of growth except for the short brittle shrubs that popped up here and there.  They were no good for cover though as each one was inhabited by massive venomous spiders that hunted for, well, anything they wanted really.  Though their venom wasn’t fatal to anyone Betta’s size, it would certainly knock her out for a while and Analea wouldn’t stand a chance, besides, they gave her the creeps.  So without being able to use the shrubs as cover, it meant travelling out in the open, and being constantly visible to the Hoarders.  ‘That’s assuming anyone made it out of the asylum to be watching for us’, she thought hopefully as she picked a fishbone out from between her teeth with an inch long razor-like claw.  Standing up she turned back towards the woods and sniffed, her long snout twitching with the familiar scents of pine and leaf mould.  Nothing alarming came back to her on the night wind. If they were following, it would be a while before they caught up, and by then they could be half way to the mountains.  She would have to continue to carry the child, there was no question that she could make the journey after so many month’s confined.

Till next time!