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just for me

So, I had an order to fill for a bracelet the other night, just a simple strand of white glass pearls.   When I finished it, I still felt like working so I picked up a chain maille bracelet I had started the earlier in the week.

The first kind of chain maille I ever learned was the Celtic Wedding knot and one of the first pieces I did was a triple strand of if in black nickel and silver.

Picture 451

After more than a year of wear and tear, a few rings have fallen out and it has tarnished quite a bit.  So I wanted to make a bigger better version.  Please note, I still love and wear this piece.

I found a black nickel slider clasp with 7 holes on it and I figured I would make a 4 or 5 strand of the same.  Sadly, the sizing didn’t quite add up right and I really would need an 8 or 9 hole clasp.  But I had already finished 1.5 lengths of silver on black wedding-knot.  So I finished the second strand and hummed and hawed over what else to put with it.  Chain?  No.  Strung beads? Nah.  Copper full Persian? Nope.  Hmm…9mm black nickel in Byzantine?….YES!


Like so many of these things, trial and error is a major factor.  I knew if I didn’t attach the three strands together they would crumple up, but how to do it when the large central strand is something like byzantine?   Well, what I ended up doing is adding 3 6mm silver plate accent rings on each side of the connecting Byzantine rings that lay flat (every other set) to the black nickel ring that encompasses the silver rings in the wedding-knot.  hmmm…I think this is going to need a chart…

chain detail

Admittedly not a very good chart, but hopefully you get the idea.  The red rings represent the 6mm silver rings in the bracelet.

I am itching to get home and down to my craft room tonight because I have at least two more chain maille pieces I really want to make!


Trying something new.

Hello again!

I won’t apologize for this absence, as I spent it lounging around the cottage.

I also managed to produce a few things as well!   For this trip I decided to finally give Kumihimo a try.  Working with ribbon is a lot more travel friendly than large quantities of jump rings.

So here is what we ended up with.

A lanyard in my companies colours to keep my security pass on.


A necklace to hang this stunning glass pendant on that I have had for ages!

Not that I neglected my chain maille passion!  Before we left, I got together for tea and beading with my friend Meghan and took some fabulous dyed shell discs and combined them with some byzantine in black nickel 7mm.  I really like the effect!


and I finally found a way to use a little something I put together ages ago.  I made this piece with two frog beads that I just loved but were designed for pandora style bracelets so I put them together with some other beads to make what could have been a brooch or bracelet, a necklace or anything really.  I had some full Persian in silver plate and thought, “aha”, so now I have a hungry froggy bracelet.


I am looking forward to wearing this one to work tomorrow.

Till next time!

A little of this…a little of that and VOILA!

So it hasn’t been an overly productive week in terms of jewellery creation.  I did finish my cloisonné and robin’s egg crystal necklace which I did take a picture of and completely forgot to download…I will add that tonight!

So this morning as I was readying myself for work I decided to wear my favourite WM Fun earrings, My black and silver orbital bracelet combined with my black and blue pearl in a cage bracelet, all of which go nicely with my outfit today.


There was just one thing missing, which I realized as I was packing up my lunch…no necklace!  GAH!  Leave the house without a necklace?!, oh dear me no!   The problem was, I didn’t think I had time to run back upstairs and I really didn’t know which one would work.  That was until I looked into my Chain-Maille-To-Go box and realized that in there was a 3/4’s finished black nickel chain maille necklace with a large red stone donut.  Now I was trying something different with this necklace when I started it a while ago.  Ok, a LONG while ago.   I wanted it to be made up of different styles of chain maille, all in black nickel.  So it starts off with 6-1 European in 6mm rings, jumps to 6-1 European in 9mm rings, then abruptly changes to full Persian in 6mm rings again.  This point is where the stone donut sits.  I was still missing about 3 or 4 inches of the full persian to finish the necklace as of this morning.  Luckily enough, there in the box with it was a black nickel byzantine bracelet in 9mm rings.

A few seconds with the pliers and VOILA!


I apologize for the terrible picture…my cell phone camera isn’t great.  I am quite pleased with the results of this little experiment, it’s funky, a little lop-sided…very me.

Til next time…keep those pliers handy!

2 heads are often better than one!

It has been too long since my friend Meghan came over for a tea and beading date.  Finally today we were able to do so and it’s a good thing too, because she was able to help me with a little problem I was having.

I posted a week or so ago about the antique brass bracelet that I couldn’t finish because I had run out of brass rings.  Well, not only did Meghan help me find a way to make it work, by adding more cloisonne beads, but it looks way better!

Now I have the two red cloisonne beads, but have added this fabulous White Cloisonne donut to the centre, and if you use two head pins instead of an eye pin to go through the donut, you can keep it empty in the centre without seeing the pin!   I really like the effect!

I also started a new 6-1 necklace, but I didn’t take any pictures, because I didn’t get enough of it finished for it to look like anything just yet.

I did finish 2 pairs of earrings and then get 3/4’s of another necklace done before running out of those rings (I intend to pick some up this week!).

I had fallen in love with these matte turquoise coloured fire polished glass beads and decided they would look stunning with black nickel….and they do 😉

I also found an excellent way to use these fantastic bright orange oval drops as earrings!

I mean, is there anything you can’t do with a 12 in 2 pattern?  I think not 😛

The last thing I have to share with you all today is a piece that is not quite finished, but should be by the end of the week.  I don’t remember how I came up with the idea of putting this one lampwork style bead inside two copper rings of different sizes to make a gyroscope like pendant, but it worked out quite well.

The chain is also based loosly on the 12 in 2, however, because it is just two lines it is really just 8 in 2.  In this case, 8 in 1, because using copper 6mm rings meant I could only get 1 in to the 4mm rings, not 2.


The other great thing about beading with a friend is that not only can you share ideas, and techniques (and in our case, baked good, tea, and pretzel M&M’s), you can also share beads!…or findings, clasps, rings…whatever you have run out of that your friend has.  Thankfully, Meghan was able to give me a couple of lobster claws that I was needing, some 9mm rings in black nickel and I was able to give her some howlite chips for some orange beads she had, and a matching nugget for a pendant!

So two heads are really better than one, and two beading stashes too!

dual personalities

is what I am calling this bracelet anyways 😉

This goes back to what I was saying the other post about being inspired by a particular piece.  I found this one bead at a local shop and immediately new that whatever I made, half had to be silver and half gold!  So what I decided on was the full Persian because it makes such a wonderfully sturdy rope-like piece!

The only thing I am not completely happy with is that I couldn’t find an eye pin that is half gold and half silver, but still, it’s pretty nifty.

I did a little more work on my story the other day was well, but, I realized that like my friend at Word Flows was saying the other day,  I need to set out the outline of the story before I write too much more, because otherwise, it won’t end up getting anywhere.

Well, I have some big plans for beading and tea tomorrow with my friend Meghan so hopefully will have some more things to show off tomorrow 😉


The joy of childhood wonder…how ever short the attention span.

I realized this morning that it has been a lot more than a week since my last post.  Admittedly, I haven’t really been doing a lot of beading lately.  Until yesterday when I took my two nieces to the bead shop where I work and letting them pick out beads that they like so they could make some memory wire.  The looks on their faces when the saw all of the beads was priceless.  They were in total awe of the shapes, colours and textures all around them and couldn’t wait to dive right in.  It was interesting to see which beads they chose to make their bracelets. One chose round red beads combined with smaller blue ones for a pattern, the younger just chose random ones.   The eldest also wanted to make a set for her mum, which I helped out with…ok, I did most of it, since the attention span of a 6 year old, is not always particularly long.  Either way, watching the kids have fun exploring the shop was great!

I did also make myself a memory wire bracelet with green beads in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and I also managed to make another really cool bracelet of 9mm black nickel jump rings in the full Persian style, but the middle, I broke it up with a semi-precious donut. I think it might be aventurine, it is a beautiful soft milky aqua.

I don’t have any pictures at the moment, but I will post some as soon as I do.

Till next time!

Back to Basics…temporarily

So I just finished my first 6 day work week. I am completely pooped!  Friday was great though because I don’t start until 2pm, so my friend and fellow beadaholic Megan came over for tea, gossip and beading.  Whilst I awaited her arrival, I decided to use up some of my stash in a simple beaded necklace, 1 strand, nothing fancy.  It had been a long time since I had done something so simple, and forgot how satisfying it can be.  So while Meghan and I chatted away, I made another one.  Then I got ambitious and made a 3 stranded one.  It was nice to work with something other than metal rings for a day.  I am really quite pleased with the results too, 3 very different looks, using cloisonne beads, Swarovski crystals, Chinese crystals, freshwater pearls and left over seed beads.

…and, I just finished another one 😉   We had cloisonne on sale at the shop, couldn’t resist!

Of course, now I am going to sit down to another 9mm black nickel full Persian project…necklace this time…with beads..purple ones.

Tomorrow, Meghan and I are checking out Dragon’s Lair minerals tomorrow.  I have to stop buying until I use up what I have though.  The trouble is, I find something in my stash that I think will be great, but then, oh, it needs such and such to finish it or to go with it…sigh…


I am certain that I will be posting tomorrow with pictures of my guilt when I get back from my little “reconnaissance” trip tomorrow.