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Here it is folks!

I am finally wearing my Chevron!   I made a silver plated chain for it and decided that it needed a little something to tie in the brighter silver, so it has a 6mm silver plate “ruffle” on the bottom.  I do apologize for the less than stellar picture, but I will get a clearer one up here soon!


here’s a better picture!


At long LONG last!

As anyone who has visited my little sparkly kingdom before will know, I have been plugging away at this one particular project since I first came up with the idea one drivers ed class back in February!  I have posted about the Chevron a few times over the past year and finally..oh..FINALLY, it is finished!

Yes, after many starts and stops and wishes that 4mm rhodium jump rings came in a closed state instead of partially open causing them to clump together making things far more fiddley than really necessary, I placed the last 6mm silver ring in only a few moments ago!

And here it is!

Here is a close-up so you can see all the agonizing detail!

Yes.  I placed every single 4mm and 6mm ring.  That is 432 6mm silver plate rings, and I cannot begin to guess how many 4mm ones.

“Now what”  you say?  Well,  I shall craft and attach a simple chain and then wear this around my neck with pride!!!