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Back to work!

Well folks, the summer is over and so is my vacation and my slow down, things are now moving apace!  Since I last posted, I have finished a few aprons, a pair of pants,  and a tunic.  I made out like a bandit at the McCalls $.99 out of print clearance sale.  I bought about 15 patterns, some for me and some for my niece and some for aprons to make for sale.

I also cut out a number of items which I am going to start sewing this week.   I started designing for WM Bridal, the new line I am going to add to my Etsy shop.  I registered for 2 craft shows this November at the Ottawa RA Centre in the Clark Room on November 16th and 30th.

Here are the aprons I have made so far.


This is what it was supposed to look like, (far right with the scalloped edge)

New Picture

Now, as you can see, what I created is completely difference from what it is supposed to look like.  This is because the scalloped edge came out looking horrible!   So after cutting off the scalloped bit, I didn’t have a very big piece left so I took the accent green and created a gathered skirt-like piece with patches from the main fabric.  The carrot patch is a secret pocket.

The other two when MUCH better!



This one is cute, I used some sheer lacy fabric for the flounce and the ties at the back. and I am pretty happy with the results.  I can see trying the other versions on this pattern.


This one is my favourite!  It is hard to see in the picture, but the fabric is little owls, with red linen accents.  The pattern is a retro one either from Vogue or Butterick, I can’t remember, (I will add the info later when I find the pattern).



S2592 Simplicity Archives 2592!  View B.  I want to try View C next!

Those are the projects I have actually completed in the last month or so.  Here is what I have cut out that I am going to start sewing this week!



A Jumper, skirt and blouse for me.  A t-shirt and blouse for my niece, and three aprons for upcoming craft shows!  That should keep my Jenome working overtime for a while.  I also ordered Simplicity 4940 for a Halloween costume for myself,


New Picture (4)

I can’t decide between the Arwen dress and the Eowyn dress.

Now for the Jewelry items.  I haven’t been as busy with this as with the sewing.

I have started developing some items for what I am calling WM Bridal.  I started working with some sterling silver and fine crystal for some items, but also with silver plate and glass for bridal on a budget.  My own bridal set was silver plate and crystal.

Here is what I have come up with so far.   I would love some feedback, items that you like, and things that maybe could be better, or things you would like to see.

il_570xN.653652192_sk68 il_570xN.653650818_c589 il_570xN.653648590_cizm image_3


I also did a really neat up-cycled necklace out of different chains that I got from my Uncle whose father had owned a jewelry store, combined with beads that I salvaged from some old costume jewelry my Aunt gave me from her theatre group that wasn’t being used.

I really like the effect!



Well, I think that might be it for now.   I have lots of work to do this fall.  I can’t wait!


My favourite!

I have to say, that the Japanese 12-2 weave is my favourite chain maille weave of all time.  There is so much fascinating variation with it that the possibilities really are endless.  So in preparation of this weekends craft show, I decided to re-think my earring offerings.  I will still have my sterling silver birthstone crystal earrings, and my fancy chandeliers, but instead of simple beaded earrings, I will be offering more chain maille.  Last night I made a number of variations of the 12-2 in various colours.  I also tried out the European 4-1 fan, which I really REALLY like!

nov 12 2 nov 12 1 All in all I made 9 pairs of earrings.

I worked almost entirely with base metals in your standard, gold and silver plate, black nickel and antique copper.  However, I also have 4mm rings in anodized aluminum that I am looking forward to trying out.  I also have my thicker anodized aluminum rings that I am going to try out the 4-1 fan with.

aluminum 4

Only 3 more evenings to prepare everything for the show!  Tonight my husband is going to help me set up the cubes and attach the hooks for the bracelets.  I also have to print up my sign and price and card all the new items.  I always say, there is no inspiration like last-minute panic!  (originally quoted from Calvin and Hobbes).

Getting ready for my first craft show

On November 2nd I will be joining my friend Meghan at my very first craft show at All Saints High School in Kanata.  So I have been busy getting lots of fun things ready to bring.  The only other sales I have done have  been in my own house with varying success.  I am not really sure what sorts of things I should bring to the show so I have been making lots of different items.  Here are a few different examples.


Picture 011 Picture 016 Picture 018 Picture 021 Picture 025 Picture 028 Picture 032 Picture 035 Picture 038 Picture 040 Picture 043 Picture 045 Picture 048



I Just Can’t Get Enough!

Of my new aluminum jump rings that is!  Since last we chatted, I have made another chain maille ball, some earrings and have experimented with a couple of new weaves.  Also incorporating some of my usual plated base metal rings and beads.

lPicture 598

You can’t go wrong with byzantine!

Picture 554 Picture 542

I love this lace like weave I found in a magazine!Picture 568

The chain maille ball is a current favourite!

Picture 573

The great thing about the aluminum is that you can make a dense weave like full Persian and it is still super light to wear.

Picture 599Something simple to show off the bright green rings and the delicate leaf beads.

1235520_10151901653726217_99163204_n (1)Picture 587

This weave makes great earrings as well as bracelets, but it can be frustrating to assemble at times.
Picture 603

I do love the rosette look and you can’t go wrong with adding crystal to pretty much anything as in the case of the barrel weave with 6mm sapphire bicones below which makes for a rather glamorous necklace.

As you can see, I have been very productive in the last couple of weeks.  Thursday, my friend Meghan came over for an evening of pizza and beading.  We both decided that it was a chain maille kind of event.  I still have a fair amount of the colourful anodized aluminum jump rings that I got from the Ring Lord and so I made another chain maille ball, this time in black and red.


Now that I have a comfortable grasp  of the pattern itself, I can now play with the colour schemes some more.

I also made a few other items that night and last night as well. There was a new chain maille weave I was itching to try out called Inverted Round, I got the pattern from CGMaille.com.

Picture 619

The first one is a mix of bright aluminum and a regular aluminum with a section of black worked in.

Picture 620

I also had a lot of red, green and gold, so I thought, hey, something for the festive season.

The next pattern from CGMaille.com that I want to try is the Dragon Scale and the inverted Round with Captive Rings.

I also have taken a liking to making rosettes from rings, some with just three, like this cutey cute bracelet in pink, purple and lavender.

Picture 614

And some with with many rings to make a dense almost ball like rosette.

Picture 615

I also used one of my favourite patterns, the size 2 seed bead and 9mm jump ring, to make this fun rainbow bracelet!

Picture 616

Yesterday I put another order in to the Ring Lord for more aluminum jump rings in rainbow colours which I cannot wait to get working with!

Till next time 🙂

You think I would have learned by now…

Remember the post I did some time ago about how important gauge is when dealing with wire or jump rings?  Well, as Alice once said when she was lost in Wonderland, “I give myself some very good advice, but I seldom ever follow it”.

I really wanted to do this Romanov design chain maille and I also wanted to try this pattern for a chain maille ball that I saw Pinterest.  I have jump rings of various sizes in my stash and started with my usual go-to rings for most chain maille designs. 6 and 7mm outside diameter, I believe they are 19 or 20 gauge.  Well…


The 7mm rings gave me the blob you see on the right which is supposed to be the first half of the Japanese Ball pattern (just google Japanese Chain maille Ball Pattern), there is obviously too much space between the rings so there is no firmness in the structure.

On the left is what I ended up with from my attempt at the Romaov pattern (also googleable), which didn’t work with either the 6 or the 7mm rings, or any beads that I had…dang it.

So, I gave up on the Romanov, but with the 6mm rings in the heavier gauge, the ball pattern actually worked out.

chainmaille ball

I also made another chain maille piece with some shell disks (I made a similar style before) and a shell pendant my friend Meghan had given me.  Sections of Byzantine in 7mm Silver plate separated by Shell disks and 6mm clear cut-glass beads.

chain and shell

And another pair of Belly Dance inspired chandelier earrings.

chandelier in green and pearl

You know…wine glasses make good earrings props for taking photos.


just for me

So, I had an order to fill for a bracelet the other night, just a simple strand of white glass pearls.   When I finished it, I still felt like working so I picked up a chain maille bracelet I had started the earlier in the week.

The first kind of chain maille I ever learned was the Celtic Wedding knot and one of the first pieces I did was a triple strand of if in black nickel and silver.

Picture 451

After more than a year of wear and tear, a few rings have fallen out and it has tarnished quite a bit.  So I wanted to make a bigger better version.  Please note, I still love and wear this piece.

I found a black nickel slider clasp with 7 holes on it and I figured I would make a 4 or 5 strand of the same.  Sadly, the sizing didn’t quite add up right and I really would need an 8 or 9 hole clasp.  But I had already finished 1.5 lengths of silver on black wedding-knot.  So I finished the second strand and hummed and hawed over what else to put with it.  Chain?  No.  Strung beads? Nah.  Copper full Persian? Nope.  Hmm…9mm black nickel in Byzantine?….YES!


Like so many of these things, trial and error is a major factor.  I knew if I didn’t attach the three strands together they would crumple up, but how to do it when the large central strand is something like byzantine?   Well, what I ended up doing is adding 3 6mm silver plate accent rings on each side of the connecting Byzantine rings that lay flat (every other set) to the black nickel ring that encompasses the silver rings in the wedding-knot.  hmmm…I think this is going to need a chart…

chain detail

Admittedly not a very good chart, but hopefully you get the idea.  The red rings represent the 6mm silver rings in the bracelet.

I am itching to get home and down to my craft room tonight because I have at least two more chain maille pieces I really want to make!

Beady Eyed

Yup, that was me this afternoon.  I got home from work and *POW*, I got hit with the urge, the urge to bead! The urge to make fun and funky earrings, (again with the earrings).  So, I popped down to the magic factory as soon as I got through the door and into my comfies.

I had some new goodies from my Bead Bop (http://www.beadbop.ca/)goody bag, and was keen to get going.

I actually kept working past 7pm (and that means I missed an episode of Big Bang Theory),  but it was worth it in the end.  Here is what I came up with.

danglesIt’s hard to tell from the picture, but the earrings are studs, with Swarovski flat backs.  The large crystals at the bottom are 8mm Swarovski rounds in Light Azure, a really pretty clear blue.  The trick with these was getting the side closing bead tips for the chain to secure, I added some glue.

flowersflowers 2These were fun, white acrylic flowers with green seed beads and fire polished glass for the stems.  I went for a tiered effect, unlike the blue ones  showed you before which were clustered.

pretty in pinkphoto (2)A bracelet idea ended up as an entire set.  3 strands of pink fresh water pearls, and the peach silver-lined seed beads that came in my Bead Bop bag.  I made the bracelet and figured that while I was at it I should make earrings since I had more pearls…then I found my previous stash of pink pearls and decided, well,  I might as well make a necklace too.  Voila!

So, that was just this afternoon.  I also made a really neat necklace with 9mm silver jump rings and size 2 seed beads in a transparent teal ab with some large pale aqua lamp work style beads and a shell pendant with matching  earrings.  I forgot to take a  picture of it though, so I will have to remember to post one next time.

I have also been knitting, but that my friends, is a story for another time.

Oh, before I go.  For anyone who doubted I had a bit of an earring addiction…here is a picture of part of my collection.  Just the ones I have made, it doesn’t include the ones I have either bought or been given.